Getting started

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Do I need to use the Claims Portal?

The Claims Portal facilitates the secure exchange of claims information in relation to the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents and the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury (Employers’ Liability and Public Liability) Claims

If you are a claimant representative or an insurer/compensator that handles personal injury claims where the pre-action protocols apply, you should use the Claims Portal. 

The supporting forms can be found using Find a court form on the Ministry of Justice Forms website by searching on the Form/leaflet number.   These can be found in section 1.4 of the RTA protocol and 1.3 of the EL/PL protocol (for example RTA1, EL1, etc).

What technology do I need to use the Claims Portal?

You have a choice as to how to use the Claims Portal. You may either utilise a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, or you can use Application 2 Application (A2A).

A2A enables you to develop an interface to the Claims Portal from your own internal claims system whereby you send and receive XML messages to process claims. 

A2A also allows you to use products to connect to the Claims Portal that have been developed by external software.

How do I register to use the Portal?

If your organisation isn't registered with Claims Portal Limited you will need to sign up for an account which includes nominating an appropriate person within your organisation to be your Administrator.

You should also consider the types of claims you will be processing (RTA and/or EL/PL) and whether you will be using the Claims Portal via the web or A2A.

How long will my Portal registration take to process?

Our registration team will look into your registration request within five working days. Before registering we recommend that you check that your organisation is eligible for a Claims Portal account to ensure your registration can be processed as quickly as possible.

For more information about how to Sign Up to the Portal please click here.

Is it possible to have numerous Third Party Administrators and also internal staff accessing the Portal?

Yes. A compensator account can do this by using branches. The branch structure enables users to put claims into branches and to create handlers who only see work in a specific branch. Work can move between branches and it is possible within one account to distinguish between RTA and EL/PL handlers. Multi-functional handlers who will be able to see all work in all branches are also available. 

How do I add/change branches?

From 31st July 2013, Administrators can view the details of their existing branch structure when they log in to the Administration console.

If you need to add or change branches, Administrators can do this via ‘Manage my Account’.

A request to change or add a branch must come from your organisation's Administrator. 

How do I find out more about the different profiles that are available within the Claims Portal?

Details of the profiles available and their permissions are in the Administrator User Guide.

How do I change who our Administrator is?

It is recommended that when you receive your Administrator details, following your registration, a second Administrator log-in is created.

In order to do this, log in to the Claims Portal using the original Administrator details, select ‘new’ and complete required fields, making sure you select the profile ‘administrator’ from the list of options.

If your only Administrator has left the organisation and you don’t have the existing details you can request a change in Administrator details in the ‘Making Changes to Your Organisation's Account’ section of this website.