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Releases explained

A release is technical update occurring on a specified date incorporating a series of changes.

If a claim is started in a particular release in the Portal, it stays in that release until it is complete.

A dedicated file for each relate can be found in the sections below along with a zip file containing information relating to the release:

Release 6 - took place on 8 October 2018 - details of this release can be found in Release 6

Release 5 - took place on 29 November 2016

It relates to a number of user journey improvements in creating a Claim Notification Form (CNF), new fields for AskCUE PI, CRU, and MedCo, changes in the layout of a Stage 2 Settlement Pack Counter offer, and the introduction of multiple profile types and ability for Administrator users to amend organisation and branch details.

Release 4 - took place in Autumn 2014

It relates to the addition of tool tip help to various fields throughout the Portal, warning messages around final agreement amounts, and the ability for Administrator users to reset their own password. This release contained web only changes.

Release 3 - took place on 1 August 2013

It relates to the extension of Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims to £25,000. The Portal was extended to include EL/PL claims.

Release 2 - took place in September 2012

Release 1 - took place in March 2011

Release 0 – took place in April 2010

Is the date when the Claims Portal was launched.