Release 5 A2A Release Notes and Presentation

Release 5 Overview


Claims Portal is pleased to share with you the final technical documents for the upcoming Release 5 together with the presentation slides from the A2A user workshop held on 20th July 2016.

The documents can be found through the links below;

Claims Portal Presentation Slides - 20th July 2016

Claims Portal – A2A Release Notes

To find the technical documentation use the links below;

Release 5 - Final RTA Technical Documentation

Release 5 - Final EL/PL Technical Documentation

Release 5 - A2A Bulk Transfer Testing

What has changed?

The main changes to the technical specifications since the earlier drafts are:

Technical Specifiations:

  • schema documents updated with the new validations required for the MedCo and AskCUE PI fields where applicable
  • interface documents updated with the new section “Instruction for developers” plus improvements in the language of the document

A2A Workflows:

  • workflows updated with the new phase inserted for Claims Rejected.

Schemas and WSDL - no change

Phases and Notifications:

  • added the new phases “AcknowledgeRejectedClaim” and “ExitRejectedClaim”
  • amended notifications for “Claim Rejected to CR” and new notification for Bulk Transfer process

Please note that neither the RTA nor EL/PL “Claims Portal - Acceptance Test document A2A - RELEASE 5 INTEGRATION” documents are available yet as the approach is still being finalised. We will update you as soon as they are ready.

What do I need to do to prepare for A2A Integration testing?

The A2A integration testing site will be available from w/c October 17th for a period of 6 weeks.

We suggest that you:

  • check that your A2A test credentials are working ahead of that date and
  • create current (Release 4) claims for the purposes of regression testing prior to 17th October.

Once the integration test site is upgraded to Release 5 it will only be possible to create claims using the new Release 5 workflow.

Where can I go for further assistance?

A2A queries should be directed to the Helpdesk, which can be emailed on:, with e-mail subject “A2A QUERY RELEASE 5”