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A2A Bulk Transfer Testing

Bulk transfer is a facility to transfer active Claims on the Portal from one organisation to another organisation of the same type.

Please note:

  • It is not possible to transfer claims from a Claimant Representative to a Compensator or vice versa.
  • Claims that are not active, such as draft Claim Notifications Forms and any claim that is in an end phase, are not eligible for bulk transfer.
  • Active claims will be transferred irrespective of the phase that they are in and which party CR or COMP has the claim to action.
  • All portal timeouts on the claim will continue to advance within the destination organisation uninterrupted.
  • The original source will always remain as the creator of the claim.

In order to test the A2A changes required for the Bulk Transfer flag and notification, the following test approach has been agreed.


It is important to note that the purpose of these tests is not to test the actual Bulk Transfer functionality but the functionality available to an A2A user resulting from a Bulk Transfer of claims, namely the A2A Flag and the Notification part.

The test covers the amendments needed and include additional fields and commands that will be available to the CR or the COMP so that organisations are aware that a claim transfer has occurred within the Portal workflow.

Excluded from these tests is any impact that the transferred claims may have on the end-users internal CMS (claims management systems).


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