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What do I do if my Stage 2 Settlement Pack Decision times out

For Stage 2, the following timeframes apply:

  • You have not responded to the Stage 2 Settlement pack or counter offers according to the time limits defined in the protocol.  Once the Claimant Representative has accessed the claim, it will end in the portal.

During the Stage 2 negotiations, you may agree with the Claimant Representative to extend the negotiation period.

You can extend the time if the claim is waiting for your response by pressing the ‘Extend Time’ button.  You need to give a reason for the extension and set a new timeout date.

Please note that the new date is the day the claim will time out, so for example if you have agreed to extend the period to next Wednesday, you need to enter Thursday’s date as the new timeout date.

Responding to a counter offer in the last five days of the consideration period

If the Claimant Representative has submitted a counter offer within the last five days of the current deadline, the period will be automatically extended by five days.  No further extension will be allowed. The same applies if you have submitted a counter offer within the last five days of the current deadline.

At this point, you cannot make a further counter offer and must either agree or disagree with the latest offer.

To submit a response, you need to:

  • Open the claim
  • Respond to Agreement reached with Yes or No
  • Click the ‘Send Response’ button. The claim is sent to the Claimant Representative

Responding to S2SP with additional damages

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