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How do I create a new counter offer?

If you select ‘make a new counter offer’, you can edit the Defendant’s response fields in the same way as for the initial counter offer.

Enter CRU deductions and press ‘Calculate losses’.

The Interim payment amount will be prefilled with any interim payments made through the portal.  If you have made additional interim payments, you can override the amount.

Press ‘Calculate offer details’ and press ‘Send’, which will return the claim to the Claimant Representative.

Top tip:  Note that the Claimant Representative may have made a Global offer which appears in the Gross Amount field.  When making a new counter offer, you will need to update this field manually to reflect your offer.  Please check the amount carefully.

Top Tip: The Stage 2 Settlement Pack printable document is updated automatically.  Please ensure you download, save and print off a copy. 

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