A1. Overview

This User Guide is designed only for users accessing the Portal via a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Those accessing it via an A2A application should consult their software adviser/developer for support.

This overview covers the following:


A1.1 The Aim of this User Guide

The aim of this User Guide is to enable you as a Claims Handler to use the Claims Portal easily and effectively – whether you are new to it, or are an existing user.

Your ability to view and progress claims will vary according to the profile of your user ID.  Please note that the visibility of claims in the Worklist and the Search also depends on the status of the claim and if it is allocated to somebody else.  You can find a guide to visibility of claims for Claimant Representatives here.

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A1.2 The Scope and Structure of this User Guide

As a User, your interaction with the Claims Portal begins when your Administrator sends you your log-in details.

In this introductory section we outline important information and the resources available to you before you start using the Claims Portal.

The rest of this User Guide provides guidance and tips for each part of the claims handling process:

  1. (B) Completing and sending a CNF
  2. (C) Creating an Interim payment pack
  3. (D) Creating a Stage 2 Settlement pack & responding to counter offers
  4. (E) Creating a Court Proceeding pack

Claims Portal 'Releases'

In this User Guide we refer to different ‘Releases’.  These relate to the different updates that have happened since the Claims Portal was first launched.

  • Release 0 is the original launch version of the RTA Portal.
  • Releases 1 and 2 relate to updates that were made to the RTA Portal in 2011 and 2012.
  • Release 3 relates to the extension of RTA claims to £25,000 and the launch of EL/PL claim types.
  • Release 4 relates to the addition of tool tip help to various fields throughout the Portal, warning messages around final agreement amounts, and the ability for Administrator users to reset their own password.
  • Release 5 relates to a number of user journey improvements in creating a CNF, new fields for AskCUE PI, CRU, and MedCo, changes in the layout of a Stage 2 Settlement Pack Counter offer, and the introduction of multiple profile types and ability for administrator users to amend organisation and branch details.

When a claim is started in a particular release of the Portal, it stays in that release – hence the need to include the different types within the User Guide.

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A1.3 The Knowledge that this Guide assumes you have

This User Guide assumes you have a good working knowledge of using a computer and the internet, and that you are familiar with the relevant MoJ Protocols and the Claims Process created in line with these.

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A1.4 Before You Go Live – Using the Training Site and Walkthroughs

Before you use the Claims Portal ‘proper’ (i.e. the Live site), we recommend that you acquaint yourself with the Portal through the Training Site.  

The Training site enables you to learn the key features of the Portal and experience how it works from both a Claimant Representative and Compensator perspective.  

As the Training site is an exact copy of the Live site, all the information in this user guide can be referred to.  Please contact your local system administrator regarding access to the training site. 

We have also created Walkthroughs for important parts of the Portal process.  These can be accessed from the Walkthrough link here.

If you are a new user, we recommend the 'Finding your way around the site' Walkthrough.

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