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Generating and expiring User IDs

As an Administrator, you are responsible for the creation and maintenance of User IDs and passwords for all users within your organisation, including additional Administrators.

It is critical to regularly manage all of your organisations users for security reasons. This can be done by using the 'Enabled' check box, which can be found in the Claims Portal Administration Console.

When both the Enabled and Active check boxes are checked a user is able to access the Claims Portal based on their profile. Administrators are able to reset their password if they have forgotten it.

The 'Enabled' flag will automatically uncheck if:

  • The user tries to log in using invalid credentials for five consecutive attempts.
  • The user tries to log in after 90 days of non-use.
  • The user tries to log in and the expiry date is reached.

The 'Enabled' flag can be manually removed if an Administrator removes the check.

Where the Enabled flag is manually removed by another Administrator user the 'Active' indicator is automatically un-checked and the warning message 'Are you sure you want to remove this User’s access?' will display.

If 'OK' is selected the 'Active' flag will automatically un-check and the User will not be able to access the Claims Portal. If the User is has an Administrator profile they will not be able to reset their password.

If you would like to remove the ‘Active’ flag for a User that already has an un-checked ‘Enable’ flag (1.) you must manually check the ‘Enabled’ check box (2.), and then manually un-check it again to remove the ‘Active’ flag (3.).

If the 'Enabled' indicator is manually reselected, the 'Active' flag will automatically be checked and the User will be reinstated with their Claims Portal access.

Administrators with a manually deselected 'Enabled' indicator, and therefore automatically deselected 'Active' indicator, will not be able to request to reset their password; Administrator Users with a system deselected 'Enabled' indicator will.

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