A1. Information you will need Before you Begin

The purpose of this guide is to support you in your role as an Administrator and provide you with the instructions you need to maintain your organisation’s Claims Portal account.

It is important to point out that the information in this guide is equally relevant for the live and training sites.  The training site is an extremely useful way for users to familiarise themselves with the workings of the Claims Portal in a safe environment.  As such, it’s important that all users make the best possible use fo the training site before they go ‘live’.

If you do have difficulties there is an array of support available, including Frequently Asked Questions and the Claims Portal Helpdesk.

A1.1 Information you'll need before you begin:

As the Administrator for the account, before you can register your organisation on the Claims Portal, you will need to be clear about the following:

Web or A2A: Are you accessing the Claims Portal through a web browser or via another software interface?

If you are intending to use the Portal via an integrated software solution (A2A), please contact your software developer for further guidance on the set up and user profiles required.

Claim types: What types of claims your organisation will be handling - RTA, EL/PL or both?

Account set-up: How will claims reach your organisation and be directed to the right team or individual for processing?

Profiles: You will need to have a full understanding of the various user Profiles available. (See below.)

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