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What is the Claims Portal?

It is a stakeholder-led secure electronic communication tool for processing low value personal injury claims (PI)... Learn More

Is it for you?

Yes, if you process low value personal injury claims covered by the Ministry of Justice’s pre action protocols. 

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I'm a compensator.

New to the Portal?

Whether it’s something new for you, or for your whole organisation, we invite you to get your bearings.

Already familiar with the Portal?

You can refresh your knowledge here.

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Then you can log in here.


I'm a claimant representative.

New to the Portal?

Whether it’s something new for you, or for your whole organisation, we invite you to get your bearings.

Already familiar with the Portal?

You can refresh your knowledge here.

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Then you can log in here.

I'm a software developer

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News And Announcements


    Important Notice of Scam Alert

    Claims Portal Limited has been alerted to the fact that members of the public are being contacted by companies or individuals fraudulently claiming to be from the Claims Portal or to have obtained their details from the Claims Portal.

    These calls are not being made by or on behalf of anyone connected with Claims Portal Limited and the Claims Portal is not the source of any information these callers may have.

    The Claims Portal will not hold details about you, unless you or another party involved in an accident had instructed solicitors to make a claim for compensation for personal injury.   Even then Claims Portal will keep those details confidential from anyone in the claim and delete all such details about you 30 days after the claim is concluded.

    Claims Portal Limited does not contact individuals directly.  We take our data protection responsibilities very seriously and can confirm that Claims Portal Limited do not sell, market or pass on the details of any individuals or claims entered on the Portal.  

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    Updated Executive Dashboard Management Information Now Available

    Claims Portal Ltd has today released its monthly update to the Executive Dashboard. The Management Information (MI) deals with the Portal as a user community service and provides high level information on the claims process.

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    Claims Portal: Insurer Index Update for RTA A2A Users

    Updated RTA A2A Insurer Index Spreadsheet

    An updated version of the RTA Insurer Index spreadsheet is now available.

    Read More


    Tim Wallis reappointed as Chairman of Claims Portal Limited

    Claims Portal Limited is pleased to announce that, following a recent review of the Chairman role, Tim Wallis has been reappointed as independent Chairman of the company's board of directors.

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    Claims Portal Ltd concludes tender process

    Claims Portal Ltd has concluded its tender process for the development and hosting of the Claims Portal.

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You can see a list of frequently asked questions, and the answers, here.

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Using the Portal

Claims Portal User Guides for Claimant Representatives, Compensator/Insurers and Administrators.

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Sign up to the Portal

To register your organisation on the Claims Portal, you can access the online registration here.

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Getting started

Protocols and forms are available on the Ministry of Justice's website.

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Registration information for new and existing users.

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Transferring claims

Information on transferring claims.

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